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Executive Search Contingency Search
Executive Search is the best recruitment methodology to use when the skills or experience that an ideal candidate should have can be clearly identified, as can their likely position and the companies they may work for. It is also extremely effective when sourcing people in a highly competitive market.

This method has the advantage of approaching candidates that have the desired skill sets, checking their background and experience, and then promoting the opportunity to them in the most positive way. It enables the recruitment consultant to talk to people who are not actively looking for a career move rather than waiting for them to initiate a job search.
Contingency Search is a fast, efficient way to source candidates. Whilst not as specific as Executive Search it can still be incredibly focused. You are able to specify project experience, languages, location, sector knowledge, specialist equipment expertise, years of experience, desired salary and more. It is not a headhunt assignment but it will always provide you with relevant candidates, and quickly.

The turnaround for a contingency search assignment from brief to presentation of relevant candidates can be from 2 - 3 days. Once the candidates enter the interview process they are managed through to resignation and contact maintained until start date

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